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How to use simple little PLR and monetize it the RIGHT way so your PLR ebooks will work for you 24 - 7 on autopilot making you money on the back end.
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  • The importance of getting PLR with THIS kind of user license.  Get this wrong and you're not going to make a dime!
  • The RIGHT way to monetize PLR content so that it actually does generate income for you on autopilot
  • How to optimize PLR content into little income robots in 16 minutes or less.  Easy when you see how it's done!
  • How to get other people to make money for you with PLR content.  This hack can be a huge money maker for you!
  • Plus... what the online gurus don't want you to know about this method.  It makes them TONS of money too!

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Kinghuman is a fat ugly old geezer who used to be just a stupid truck driver.  Then he got sick of being just another "Battery In The Matrix" so he taught himself how to make money online and he became a fully self empowered online millionaire.  Now Kinghuman teaches his students what he knows in hopes of helping them to escape being just another Battery In The Matrix.  Kinghuman operates an educational website where he not only teaches the insider secrets of online income, but he also gives his students direct access to him via a private voicemail system so his students have direct access to coaching from a real online millionaire.
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  • Yes it's true... kinghuman IS fat and ugly! 
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  • Kinghuman?  Who is kinghuman?  Is this a gag or what?
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  • Okay, I only snagged this ebook because it was free, I'm not gonna lie.  But then I didn't even read it because I'm a lazy idiot that can't recognize a great opportunity when it hits me in the face
    Random Internet Guy
  • Yeah, these are goof testimonials. What do you want for free anyway? If I have to "convince" you to grab a FREE course that has the potential to make you great passive income - that comes with PLR rights - well then you're an idiot and I can't help you. Just go away. NO SOUP FOR YOU!
    Me - Kinghuman
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